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Greg Rutherford has over thirty years experience operating graphic design and screen printing shops. He also has years of experience as a technical advisor and inside sales rep for the Nazdar Corporation, one of the largest screenprinting manufacturers and distributors in North America.

Greg's experience and expertise in the screenprinting field is as wide and varied as the designs which can be created or the products on which one can print. He excels in the technical knowledge of which inks belong on which substrates and textile printing and that difficult job other shops turn down is his favorite passion.

Kathryn Rutherford, his wife, owner of the Heirloom Art Studio, is a highly trained, award-winning fine artist who excels in the creation of original oil, watercolor and digital paintings and portraits. See Kathryn's work at

Internationally known for her classically realistic, original fine art and outstanding teaching skills, she not only offers a wide selection of creative or one-of-a-kind products and services in her Studio, but, is the creative graphic design artist and color separation expert for Mystic Ink. Kathryn is in house to help with all your design and creative needs.

Greg and Kathryn are available for screenprinting and serigraph (art print) instruction. Together, they can fulfil all your specialty screenprinting, clothing and advertising needs. Their experience and expertise in the specialty printing field is wide and varied and you need to call today to place your next order for all your screenprinting,
dye sublimation, giclee printing and specialty needs.


All original fine art and graphic designs by Kathryn Rutherford



Original Fine Art Oil and Watercolor Paintings
and Photographic Restorations by Kathryn Rutherford
printed on home decor, retail merchandise and gifts
using dye sublimation printing


Plus this...

Equals this!!!


Original 1902 Photograph

Restoration as 8x10 Print

Image on Porcelain Oval Tile

Glass Cutting Boards
Ceramic Tiles in Gift Boxeso
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