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Greg Rutherford, owner of Mystic Ink, has over thirty years experience in commercial and textile screenprinting and graphic design. He has several years expertise as technical support and advisor to the print industry and as an educational screenprinting instructor.

Specializing in printing unique orders other print shops tend to turn down, rush orders with impossible deadlines and lower minimum orders, Mystic Ink offers outstanding customer service, personal attention to you and all details of your order and the highest quality printing and product choice available.

Crafters and manufacturers will be interested to know that screen printed images can be created on fabrics using permanent, waterbase inks which can then be used in sewing or needlecraft projects. Let us help you get your design patterns printed and ready to deliver to the retail market.

Contemporary quilters or textile artists may wish to purchase any of the original hand screenprinted "fat quarters" which are for sale on this website.

Artists and craftsmen will enjoy knowing that although we do still print with plastisol and specialty inks, we use waterbase inks whenever possible especially when your project and your conscience demands "green" products and environmentally safe production. We do use environmentally safe shop chemicals and do use eco friendly methods of disposal to protect the Earth at all times. Afterall, we operate our business in the Great Smoky Mountains of East Tennessee right next to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. We wouldn't consider for one moment dumping hazardous waste and unwanted materials into this beautiful land.

Mystic Ink offers custom screenprinting to you on single jobs, repeat customers or we would like to be your contract printer. With the appropriate business license and credentials, your business may offer screenprinting and dye sublimation merchandise to your customers without the time and expense of setting up your own print shop. Let us do the printing and we'll even drop ship the finished product directly to your customer if you wish.

Mystic Ink prints all textiles (from craft patterns to t-shirts, hats and jackets), wood, crafts and real estate signage, to the more unusual items such as umbrellas and even kites!!

Kathryn Rutherford is in-house to supply all your artwork, graphic design and colour separation needs. She will prepare your artwork for printing, instruct you to prepare your own art work or create a one of kind logo or design set-up for whatever project you have in mind. Your project could be screenprinted or dye sublimation printed on t-shirts, tiles, mugs, mousepads, home decor, purses and more.

As an educator and fine art instructor, Greg or Kathryn Rutherford are available for technical advice, troubleshooting, equipment purchase, set-up or classes in textile or commercial screenpirning. Artists and artisans may be interested in learning techniques of fine art serigraph or textile screenprinting.

Greg and Kathryn Rutherford's experience and expertise in the screenprinting field is as wide and varied as the designs which can be created or the products on which one can print. Please contact Mystic Ink today to fulfil all your custom printing and screenprinting needs.


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